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       Welcome to Balloons by Absolute Value
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We at Balloons by Absolute Value know we have the greatest customers in the world and that we provide the best balloon decor and service for them. 

In this section of our site we are providing you with their written quotes about us.  We have scrap booked all the comments since we started our business over 30 years ago and would be happy to show all of them to you when we meet to discuss your event.


Your balloons were the biggest hit at my daughters Bat Mitzvah and we are looking forward to working with you for our son's Bar Mitzvah. Thanks, your the greatest!
Amy Grossman, Mitzvah Mom

Thanks, our party was a HUGE success thanks to you and your fine staff.  We got lots of compliments on how everything looked.  Thanks again for an outstanding job.
Catie Sitcoff, Mitzvah Mom
Dear Charlie,
Thank you so much for the beautiful balloons.  They looked great. It was so nice to meet you and your daughter finally.
Lisa Schatz, Mitzvah Mom

Hi Charlie,
Thank you for the beautiful balloon arrangements. Everyone enjoyed them! We look forward to using you again.
Amy Ladendorf, University of Florida

Hi Charlie,
Everyone loved the great balloon decor you provided us.  Thanks for being so easy to work with.
Stacey Chapman, Mitzvah Mom

Thank you Charlie,
You are a sharp 72 year old !!! I so appreciate you and your gift of making events extra special !!
Chris D. Goodman, Event Planner

I hope all is well with you.  The balloons were incredible! I am sending some professional photos for your website.  Thank you so much your awesome as always. 
Danni Hosiassohn, Mitzvah Planner

Thank you Charlie, 
The Kiddush was wonderful and the balloons were beautiful.  Thank you for fixing the "W" that deflated before I knew about it.  I know you went the extra mile for me, thanks again. 
Sharon Pincus, Mitzvah Mom

Thank you for another beautiful and amazing job decorating. 
Ilana Spiegel and family, Mitzvah Family

Hi There!
Thanks again for the balloon arch! It was amazing. 
Kylene Payton, Moxy Hotel, Sales Coordinator

Hi Charlie, 
The balloons were great - thank you !!!
Rachel Troutman, Mitzvah Mom

Dear Charlie, 
Thank you so much for the amazing balloons. You out did yourself once again. You are wonderful !!!
Love Jill and Randy, Mitzvah Parents

WOW !!! You guys did an AMAZING job.  Thank you so much for taking care of our balloons.  You were absolutely right, you knew exactly what you were doing. 
Colleen Sullivan, Vitalant formerly Bonfils Blood Centers

Thank you so much for the beautiful balloons. They were amazing. Sorry I didn't get to meet you, maybe next time. 
Rebecca Mogyoros, Mitzvah Mom

Dear Charlie,
You are awesome !!! Thanks again.
ps.  Also I loved the balloons at Aliya's Bat Mitzvah last Saturday night.....I know why everyone uses you.....cause your awesome. 
Jill Jacobs, Mitzvah Mom

Hi Charlie,
Saw the balloons at Kiddush.  They were amazing.  I am excited for our daughters Kiddush. 
Rachel Troutman, Mitzvah Mom

The balloons were fantastic and added just the ambiance that we were going for. Thank you.
Rivkah Goldberg, Mitzvah Mom

I want to thank you for your outstanding support in 2019 for our 14th Annual VisionWalk.

You have been one of our key vendors for many years and we truly appreciate your support.

Our VisionWalk has raised almost $1.9 million dollars since our inception in 2006. 
Thank you for supporting our event and making it special for all our guests and chapter members!

Hope you have an enjoyable rest of your event season and a very happy holiday season!

Thank you so much,
Donna, Marguerite & Richard, Foundation Fighting Blindness
    Sidebar: I have been doing this event every year since the beginning. 

Dear Charlie,
Thank you so much for your great work. We appreciated all that you did for us. Only the best.
Teena Slatkin, Author

Thank you for the arches for the pool party.  No rain this year.
Hannah Kirschbaum, Griffis Highline, Manager

Hi there !
Thanks again, for the balloon decor, all your guidance, stories and support.
Andra Slavsky, Mitzvah Mom

Thanks Charlie. We appreciated your ideas and flexibility. The balloon decor totally fit our occasion. Thanks again.
Marie Boneck, Kent Denver High School

Thank you Charlie, Your balloons made it a great night.
Rhonda Cohn, Mitzvah Mom

Hi Charlie,
Great job on the balloons.  Thanks, will be using again for the next Mitzvah.
Lisa Schatz, Mitzvah Mom

The balloons turned out great, just like the years before.
Natalie Miller, Bonfils Blood Centers

Thanks so much for everything.  You took such good care of us at the last minute.  All the best to you and your family.  
Jill Simon, Mitzvah Mom
Always a pleasure to work with great people like you ! You take such good care of us always....
Richard Faubion, Foundation for Fighting Blindness

Hi Charlie, 
Thank you for the balloons today, they were above and beyond our expectations and they were high. 
Lauren Fox, Mitzvah Mom

Hi Charlie, 
The balloons came out GORGEOUS! I can't wait to use your services again. Thanks so much for making this a very special day !
Joanne Sparks, Mitzvah Mom

I love that you have done the balloons since the ground breaking and every year since.  That is almost 11 years!!!  Lots of reasons why....but the most important is they are always beautiful and delivered on time.
Aimee Baker, Campus Village Apartments

YES..the balloons were fabulous. Love the big balloons on Jay's awning.  Fantastic Job....You make my job so easy.....Thanks again
Colleen Halko, Event Manager, Pasta Jay's

Hi Charlie, 
Turned out fabulously... as always !  Love the use of the extra balloons, too.  Very nice touch! I heard only great things.....YEAH
Emily Tolve, Newberry Florist

Thanks again for making Keenan's Bar Mitzvah party look marvelous. We couldn't have done it without you.  Also thanks for sharing the pictures of the event, it was nice to see what it looked like before everyone moved everything around.  We really loved the balloons. Take Care ...
Alyssa Winnerman, Mitzvah Mom

Hi Charlie, 
Thanks for the pics.  Luckily it didn't rain on us at all.  The party was great and everyone loved all the balloons.
Alyssa Winnerman, Mitzvah Mom

Charlie, it was a Fantastic Party.  Sorry I disappeared and didn't get a chance to say goodbye to you guys.  As always, Fantastic Job! Love the big balloons on Jay's awning. And thanks again for the Sunshine.
Colleen Halko, Event Coordinator, Pasta Jay's

Hi Charlie, 
It was a record breaking year! We had 6,419 participants!!  Thanks for everything - everything was amazing - as always. 
Crystal Gonzales, Donor Alliance (Donor Dash)

 Hi Charlie, 
Turned out fabulously... as always !  Loved the use of the extra balloons, too. Very nice touch ! I heard only good thank you for that!
Emily Tolve, Newberry Brothers Floral

Charlie, Thanks again !!!
Sharon Roth, Mitzvah Grand parent

Thanks again, Charlie! Michelle
Michelle Gillette, Director of Sales & Professional Development, Dance Trax

Hi Charlie, 
Thanks for the balloons for Pierce's bar mitzvah. They created a nice glow as the evening darkened.....Thanks again.
Lynette Zickerman, Mitzvah Mom

The balloon drop was a hit and made for some amazing pictures. Thank you for setting it all up for us.
Anil Reddy, Proud Parent

Hi Charlie,
I want to say THANK YOU so much for the amazing and wonderful balloon arch you did for Steller Elementary. It looked beautiful and we received so many compliments on it. Thank you again! I hope you are getting some well deserved rest now! Have a great day.
Susanne Fellwock, Teacher Steller Elementary

Charlie, we want to personally thank you for your extraordinary balloon centerpieces and being so wonderful to work with throughout this whole process.

I am grateful to Amber for many things, one of them being suggesting I give you a call to help make The Island party space that much more wonderful.

We wished we had grabbed one of the koosh ball balloon centerpieces on our way out. They were amazing. My friends asked who we used and I told her all about you and your company. We will happily refer you to all of our friends and I will hopefully find more reasons to call you for some balloons in the future. Our sincerest appreciation.
Eliza, Brett and Maya Kitei, Mitzvah Family 
 ( Note: Amber is Amber Laiminger, the General Manager at The Island )

Dear Charlie, 
We would like to thank you for the balloon decorations at our Students Gala event on the 25th of May at the Curtis Ballroom.  They were wonderful !!!
Rasa Zuhaite, International Program Support Coordinator, University of Denver

Hi Charlie, 
I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for doing the balloons for our event! They looked great and gave just the right amount of color to brighten up the place!
Thank you!!
Ali Filbert, Denver MBA Candidate, Daniels College of Business, DU

Hi Charlie, 
It is Marci Rosenberg, Sammy Thomas's grandmother.

Thank you for doing the centerpieces for Sammy's event at Temple 5-18 and
5-19-18. We were so happy with the centerpieces! They were a huge WOW. All of the guests talked about how fabulous they looked!

I want to thank you for your professionalism, you were on task at all times. The set-up and delivery were always on time as promised. Look forward to doing business with you again soon. You are the best!

It was wonderful to work with you. I know you will get new business from our event. Thank you again, Sincerely,
Marci Rosenberg, Bat Mitzvah Grandmother

Thanks Charlie, 
Awesome balloons, you are the best! Hope you survived your busy Saturday. 
Amber Laiminger, General Manager, The Island

Thanks Charlie, the balloons at the HEA were awesome.  Thanks
Bonnie Davis, Mitzvah Mom

Thank you again for working with us to get these balloons for the memorial service today.  Despite the weather, the balloon release was very moving. 
Sonya Hirsch

Thank you! It all ended up being absolutely beautiful. By the second everyone walked in, it was perfect. My daughter said it looked like a dream.  

I am not one for hiring a party planner because I love to do it myself - as long as I have help at the last minute.  I have lovely people in my life!  

Thanks for helping with the set-up of the balloons, they really made an impact and gave the wow I was looking for. Have a wonderful weekend !
Eleanor Brode, Mitzvah Mom

Thank you Charlie for everything you do.....Balloons were amazing.
Becker / Schwartz Family, Bar Mitzvah

Hi Charlie,
It was so great working with you. Thank you for all your help and creative brilliance. Everyone loved the Olympic Rings and the ski people. Thanks
Catriona Stack, Director of Culture and Practice, Stonebridge Hotels

Hi Charlie,
The check went out today.  Thank you so much! The arch looked amazing and the event went well......
Kam Mataraci, Campari, Colorado State Manager

The balloons were gorgeous !  Thanks
Estie Rotstein, Mitzvah Mom

Thanks for making Gabe's Bar Mitzvah special. Happy New Year !!!
Aylet Talmi, Mitzvah Mom

Dear Charlie, 
Thank you for the balloons and the amazing decorations. The room looked amazing
Alex, Mikayla, Liam Knott......Mitzvah Kids

Thank you for bringing my vision to life.  It was amazing !
Cherryl Knott, Mitzvah Mom

The balloons were perfect. Thank you !
Samantha Matus, Mitzvah Mom

Thanks so much for everything and not for leaving me out in the cold after I messed up! Everything was wonderful! You are a gem ! You took such good care of us at the last minute ! All the best to you today and every day. Sincerely
Jill Simon, Mitzvah Mom

Hi Charlie,
Thanks you for the balloons for our Orchard Event. Great job as always.
Nancy Lease, Owner, Bling Entertainment

Charlie, You did a great job - everything looked wonderful. Thanks
Galit Mankin, Mitzvah Mom

Thanks a bunch !
Amy Schiff, Mitzvah Mom

Good morning Charlie, 
Thank you so  much for everything, the balloons were beautiful.
Keri Lee, Grant Account, Serve Colorado

Charlie, thank you for your support since 2006. You are great and do a fabulous job. Thanks my friend.
Richard Faubion, Foundation for Fighting Blindness

Charlie, Thank you for the great job on the balloons. They were perfect. You are great and have some funny jokes. Take care.
Susan Pinkowitz, Mitzvah Mom

Charlie, Thank you for everything ! 
Ellen Kowitt, Mitzvah Mom

Hi Charlie, 
The balloons looked great.  Sorry I missed you.
Cathy Hewett, Office Manager, Woodglen Elementary

Hi Charlie,
This is Sharon Golob, chairperson of the Denver Pancreatic Cancer Walk.  You did such a beautiful arch for us and I wanted to thank you personally. Thanks !
Sharon Golob, Chairperson, Denver Pancreatic Cancer Walk

I was at the Greatful Dead Event and I was really impressed with your work! Looking forward to working again with you at the Music Hall of Fame event in August.  Will be in touch.
Colleen Halko, Catering Manager, Pasta Jay's

The balloons looked beautiful. They were exactly what my daughter wanted. Thank you so much. They really transformed the room.
Danielle Steinhart, Mitzvah Mom

Hi Charlie, 
THANK YOU again for your beautiful balloon displays.  They set the tone for a fun evening.......Thanks
Michelle Riordan, Sr Crew Base Coordinator, Southwest Airlines

Hi, Thank you again for your hard work, the room looked great!
Emily Sussman, Catering Manager, Pasta Jay's

Charlie, The client was thrilled with the party in Fort Collins....Thanks !!
Ricki Booker, Event Planner

Hi Charlie, Hoping you and your family are all well. The end of year arch was wonderful as usual, the kids really enjoy the balloons. Thank you.
Cathy Hewett, Office manager, Woodglen Elementary

Thank you so much Charlie. Our son & daughter-in-law baby shower was amazing. Your balloon bouquets were a hit.
Nancy DiPaolo

Thank you for all the beautiful purple balloons! They were fabulous !!
Victoria Cantor

Thank you so much! I was so sorry to miss the Rosenthal breakfast, too!  Donnah showed me the photos,m though...another lovely setup, made festive with your handiwork!
Mary Fabrikant, Owner, La Vie Catering

Thank you Charlie, Another great event !!!
Chandra Rosenthal, Mitzvah Mom

Hi Charlie, 
Nice talking to you, enjoyed your jokes.  The balloons looked great, making the mitzvah spectacular......Thanks.
Rachel Green, Mitzvah Mom

Thank you Charlie.....The room looked amazing! Big Hit ! The check is in the mail.
Marne Melun, Mitzvah Mom

Hi Charlie, 
Great! Thanks for everything....I will pop a check in the mail......You're the best !
Rhonda Cohen, Mitzvah Mom

Hi Charlie, 
Thank you for the beautiful balloons for Sophie's Bat Mitzvah. Awesome
Cindy Lesser, Mitzvah Mom

Everything was PERFECT. Thank you for the great balloons.  Thanks for making Sophia's party look perfect.
Laurel Weinstein, Mitzvah Mom

Hi Charlie, 
We all loved the way your centerpieces made the room look.  The weekend was a blast an we really appreciated your contribution. It was truly a wonderful memorable event. Thanks again.
Lynne Falick, Mitzvah Mom

Hi Charlie,
Thank you for doing such a wonderful job for us. Everyone love the decor....Be well
Trish Silverman, Mitzvah Mom

Thank you Charlie for helping make the Bris lunch so festive. You did a great job for us and I really appreciated it. Everything looked great !!!
Teena Slakin

Hi Charlie
I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful balloon bouquets you made for us on Friday.  I received many compliments and they are still floating high today (Monday). Thanks again for making it all so easy.
Lisette Lederman, Mitzvah Mom

Thank you for a fantastic set-up yesterday. Everything looked great! Thanks !!!
Matt Patton, The Wasserman Media Group

Thank you again !
Lisette Lederman, Mitzvah Mom

Thank you! The balloons were awesome! All the best.
Friends of Aurora Central High School

Dear Charlie, 
Thank you so much for the awesome decorations you did for Marc's bar mitzvah! Wishing you ever happiness in the New Year.  Warmly
Regina Topelson, Mitzvah Mom

Charlie! You are awesome!  So glad I finally got to meet you.
Heather Sabatier, Mitzvah Mom

Hi Charlie, 
Thank you for providing the balloons for Drive for Life! They looked great and the event went really well.  Thanks
Caley Corsello, Bonfils Blood Center

Thank you very much !
Nancy Lease, Owner, Talent West

Thanks again to you and your family for the beautiful work. The balloons were a hit
Michelle Ancell

Hi Charlie, 
I want to thank you for the very awesome balloon centerpieces. They were beautiful and made the room look great for the party.  Thanks
Lauren Hirsch, Mitzvah Mom

Thank you for the beautiful balloons at Community Lifelines! They made the front page of the Denver Post and our highlight reel.  Thank you again and talk soon!
Randee Toler, Bonfils Blood Center

Hi Charlie, 
Hope your summer has gone well. Thanks for always being the guy I can call and get the balloons I need.
Cathy Hewitt, Woodglen Elementary

Thank you so much for making our bat mitzvah decoration arrangements so easy and our room so beautiful. Looking forward to referring other customers to you.
Sherry Margulies, Mitzvah Mom

Thank you Charlie! We had a great party and loved the balloons ( and everything else ).  Have a great weekend!
Aliza Spiegel, Mitzvah Mom

Thank you for everything Charlie! This event wouldn't be the same withour your balloons. Definitely more balloons next year !!!
Stephanie Geller, Israel Walk, Jewish Colorado

Charlie -
Thank you, yet again for bringing more happiness to our party today. A party isn't a party without your loving touch.

Again I am so sorry for the loss of your son - I don't have the correct words to express my condolences.  May his memory always be a blessing to you and your family.

I am so glad that you were given the blessing "So to speak" that the last six months of his life were his best. 

Sending condolences and hugs to you and your lovely wife. XOXO Terri
Terri Auerbach, Mom of Graduate
ps. Paid in one payment to you......
that is inside joke between the two of us.

Thanks Charlie......The balloons looked awesome and we all had a great time.  Thank you for jumping in for us at the last minute.
Rachel Hall, Mitzvah Mom

Hi CJ,
As always, it was a pleasure to see you in person! I know Racheal and I both loved your jokes and constant chipper attitude! The balloons looked totally awesome.  We have received great feedback regarding the event and we know your balloons helped add to the decor of the event. So thank you !!!
Andea Brown, Warner Pacific

Hi Charlie, 
Thank you so much! Balloons were great!
Jodie Papper, Mitzvah Mom

Dear Mr. Charlie Johnson,
The "Thank You America Team" would like to thank you and your associates for a timely delivery and professionalism. The balloon sculpture was the talk of the event and caught the attention of many as they passed by and facilitating our efforts to draw awareness to our organization. 
Sheri Grinsteiner, Thank You America- NGO

Thank you for participating in our 11th annual showcase. We appreciate all of your support through the years and hope to see you next year. Thank you.
Lorie Smith, Event Producer, Mitzvah Mania

Good Morning Charlie, 
It was so great to finally meet you in person on Saturday.  The balloons for the Interfaith event were the perfect added touch for our decorations.  Thank you so much!!! Looking forward to working with you next at the MS Walk on April 30th. 
Martha Kallestad, Event Coordinator

Charlie, I really enjoyed working with you.  You made it look so easy.  Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Brenda Crowe, LMC Foundation

Thank you Charlie, your the best !
Betsy Magyar, Mitzvah Mom

The balloons were great yesterday.  Thank you
Cindy Kellogg, Marketing, Denver Broncos

So great seeing you last week.  We really appreciate the job you and your crew did.  The balloons looked great!
Elisa Berzins, Director of Special Events, Boys and Girls Club - Denver

Thank you for the generous non-profit discount on the balloons for our event. They looked great and the delivery and pickup were perfectly on time.. We very much enjoyed working with you and your family. Thanks again, we look forward to working with you in the future.
Beatrix Kamoen, Development Manager, ALS Association Rocky Mountain 

Thank you for making the day even more special. Leighla wanted those balloons so much and she loved them.   They added the extra touch of fun and color. The wedding was perfect.  Thanks again.
The Tayefeh Family

Charlie, It was super.  Thanks for the suggestion. Thank you again. 
Kathy Theurer

Thank you! The balloons looked great and I plan to call you when my next son has his bar mitzvah  
Shayna Friedman, Mitzvah Mom

Hi Charlie, 
The balloon arch and clusters of balloons were so decorative and wonderful for Chloe's Bat Mitzvah this past weekend at the Hyatt. Thank you for making her event so special.  
Jody Stacks, Mitzvah Mom

Charlie !
I really appreciate all of your help and the balloon drop went great!!! Thanks
Rachel McNemey, COGA (Colorado Oil and Gas Association)

It was such a pleasure meeting you on Wednesday at the Suncor Grand Opening. The balloon "ribbon cutting" was fun and different.  I appreciate all of your insight to make this event go off without a hitch. Thanks again!
Eliza Berzins, Director of Special Events, Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver

Hi Charlie. Thank you for the wonderful balloons! The kids enjoy them so much. Hope things are getting better for you and your family. Cathy
Cathy Hewett, Office Manager, Woodglen Elementary

Hello Charlie, 
Thank you so much for being on time and delivering a great product, we really appreciate it.  The balloons were quite a hit.  Have a great weekend
Yolanda Martinez, Executive Assistant Development, Volunteers of America

Thank you Charlie !!!
Ricki Booker, Event Planner

It was such a pretty event! Nice work !
Chandra Rosenthal, Mitzvah Mom

Hi Charlie, 
Thanks! Everything was great! The balloons were lovely and added just the right touch.  Just like I pictured it. Thanks
Rachel Green, Mitzvah Mom

Julie and I are so sorry for all of the bad things you have experienced. On a brighter note, Mia's party  was great and the balloons were outstanding. 
Steve and Julie Felsen, Mitzvah Parents
(Note: The bad things they are talking about is the death of my son Kevin)

Hi Charlie - - 
I am soo sorry to hear of all your troubles - boy you had it tough but you keep up a great attitude. We all can learn from you! Your Amazing!

The party wen great -- thank you! The balloons were awesome! Jen was very happy and so were we.  Thank you and I will always recommend you.
Karen Engel, Mitzvah Mom
(Note: Trouble she is talking about, death of youngest son, mini-strokes by my oldest boy )

Hi Charlie, 
The balloons were fantastic for Kindergarten and 5th grade graduation !!! Thank you for everything.  The kids loved the balloons
Cathy Hewett, Office Manager, Woodglen Elementary

Hi Charlie, 
How devasting, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your son.  The look Sunday was awesome! 
Sharon Pincus Abrams, Mitzvah Mom

Thank you so much for working with us on the event on Sunday.  Your work was fabulous and we really enjoyed working with you!
Elana Tenenbaum, Mitzvah Mom

Thanks Charlie. The balloons looked great!
Marjorie Olson, Mitzvah Mom

Thanks Charlie, The balloons were awesome...really made the room look great.
Erin Egan

Thank you Charlie - everything was great !!!

Thanks again for your support of ZBPF (Zane Beadles Parade Foundation) and delivering all the balloons. I hope all is well !! Best Wishes
Zane Beadles, Former Denver Bronco Guard

Dear Charlie,
Thank you so much for creating the centerpieces for the 2015 Temple Sinai Annual Event. They looked amazing and we received so many great compliments. 

We raised a record amount of money this year which will help us continue providing programs for Temple Sinai and our greater community. 
Lisa Thorner, Andrea and Vicki, Co-Chairs

The balloon columns for Disney on Ice will be a welcome addition to the Disney On Ice event.....thanks for all your help.
Debbie Fitzgerald, Feld Entertainment

Hi Charlie,
Happy New Year!  The balloons looked great. Thank you.
Helen Wood, Director of Marketing, The Tavern Group

Thank you for making this day special and memorable for me, my family, our friends and neighbors.

Why balloons are so special to us.. it was the first time we'd ever heard baby Ryker giggle.  We were in Babies R Us and a balloon drifted into my husband's head and he swatted it away and out squeaked the first giggle he ever had. Ryker Kincaid Jorgensen ......... Absolutely loved balloons !!

You're a special person doing very special work.  I look forward to seeing all the smiles on the folks faces as we release all these balloons.

Fondly, Jessica Jorgensen,  One Very Special Mom

( Note: there will be a blog entry in mid April 2014 on this special mom & event )

Hi Charlie,
Thank you for finding some western themed balloons for our event at the National Western Complex. The boots were just great at the top of the balloon columns. Thanks also for getting the invoice to me so quickly.......Have a great weekend.
      Elizabeth Collins, Office of the President, University of Colorado

Hi Charlie,
Hope you are doing well, everyone loved the balloons! Thank you so much for making our Holiday Party on Tuesday, January 7th a great success!
      Ashley Bjorkman, Marketing Manager, TAG Restaurant Group

Thank you again for everything.  It all looked GREAT and everyone loved it. Success! Everyone was so impressed.
      Hilary Kemptner, Tavern Hospitality Group

Hi Charlie,
Now that I am on my computer instead of my phone I can tell you the centerpieces looked fantastic! Loved them!  We need to get together so I can return the stanchions..........Thanks
      Ruth Bohrer, Mitzvah Mom

I want to thank you for everything this past Sunday for the Bronco event. Everything looked wonderful. That being said, we'd love to pay you.  I appreciated all the help, it brought everything together.
      Justin Clements, IMG Consulting

Thank you so much. Everything was perfect!
      Nancy Friedman, Mitzvah Mom

Thanks Charlie,
I will never forget you and all that you have done for me.  You have a job many people envy, the power to make everyone smile. Your sense of humor, kindness and quality of service & products, speaks volumes.
Thank you for contributing happiness to yet another one of my events. Love ya Charlie!
      Sincerely, Annitra Swan

Thank you! Saw the balloons last night at shul - so pretty !
      Mimi Pomeranz, Mitzvah Mom

Open House was a tremendous success, in part, due to you and your outstanding business !!!  Can't thank you enough! Wishing you the best always....and then some.
      Paul J. Cesare, Assistant Director of Admissions, Metro State University

I just gave your name to another friend last night. Her son is having his bar mitzvah in late November at HEA.  You were right! Your work IS like candy for us Jewish ladies.
      Heather Sabatier, Mitzvah MOM

Hello Dear Charlie,
You have always been so generous in the community by sharing your happy balloons, and I always enjoyed working with make everyone feel like an angel. You are the angel, Charlie! Bless you!
      Lauren Schwartz

It was Super! I loved the way it looked. Thanks.
      Heather Sabatier, Mitzvah Mom

You are the best!  I am so glad that we had a chance to meet up on Sunday morning!  Thanks again.....20 years, awesome.
      Pat Reed, Race Director, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

Thank you! The balloons looked GREAT !
      Patty Ross

Thanks you for such great customer service.  The balloons added that extra special touch to our wedding reception.....
      Rachel Parker, Bride

Special note here:  I have decorated three of Albert and Marla Cohn's children over the years, I have grouped their "Thank You" together. 

Thanks for an amazing job. XOXO
      Rivka Cohn, Bat Mitzvah

The balloons were great!
      Zev Cohn, Bar Mitzvah

The balloons were awesome...
      Uri Cohn, Bar Mitzvah

Thank you for everything!
      Albert and Marla Cohn, Mitzvah Parents

Thanks Charlie!
      Melissa Elston, Mitzvah Mom

Dear Charlie,
Thank you so much! I was very happy how the room turned out.  You too were a pleasure to work with! You made it so easy.
      Debbie Stassio, Mitzvah Mom

Hey you,
Thanks for the pics and for all that you do for the foundation! Thanks Charlie!
      Bridget Zerr, Gabby Krause Foundation

Thank you so much for doing the balloons. They were beautiful and I will definitely contact you if I need balloons again!
      LeAnn Fritzler, Faith Bible Chapel

Thank you, it was wonderful.........really wonderful.
      Sarah Goldblatt, Mitzvah Mom

Hey Charlie,
The balloons were beautiful! Can I order a few more of the little bundles? Maybe like 4-5 more?  See ya on Wednesday.  Thanks
      Aimee Leaming, Marketing Manager, Campus Village Apartments.

Thank you Charlie. The balloons looked great!
      Jody Tanabe, Mitzvah Mom

Charlie, The wedding was beautiful....the Embassy Suites LOOKED wonderful thanks to you. We had a great time.  Thank you for making the room look so festive! Take good care, Charlie. Thank you so much.
      Terri Auerbach,  Parent

Hi Charlie,
Thanks again for the centerpieces and the sculptures. They looks awesome and we got lots of compliments!
      Emily Solomon, Mitzvah Mom

Thanks again Charlie for your work with Merrick. The balloons looked great. Looking forward to working with you again.
      Christina Huffman, Bistro Boys Catering.

Charlie, Thank you is not enough! You brought big smiles!
      Tammy Krause, Parent of Graduate

Thank you! Balloons looked great!!!
      Marcie Boxer, Mitzvah Parent

Thanks so much for providing the lovely balloons for Reflections this year. They really added to the ambiance of the event.   It was great meeting you. I hope we can work together on another event in the future.
      Wendy, Boulder Jewish Community Center

Thank you for a spectacular evening and being an integral part of making the Boulder JCC so special.
      Susan Rona, President, Boulder JCC Board

Hey Charlie,
Everything looked great, thanks again for everything.  Thanks !
      Chad Griffin, Marketing Consultant, Verizon Wireless

Thank you for making the room look so awesome! It was fabulous!!!
      Jill Fishman, Mitzvah Mom

Thanks so much for everything. It all looked great.
      Valerie Swails, Mitzvah Mom

Hi Charlie,
Thank you so much for the beautiful balloons at Zak's Bar Mitzvah at The Island. They looked amazing.
      Jill Jacobs, Mitzvah Mom

Dear Charlie,
On behalf of Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation, thank you for bringing the balloon wall to the Coffee Lounge at the 35th annual Children's Hospital Colorado Gala.  You were wonderful to work with and I appreciate all of the time you spent helping us create this unique balloon wall.

Funds raised through this year's event totaled $2 million dollars, a remarkable amount that would not be possible without the time, talent and partnership of community partners like you.

Thank you again for your support and contributions to the children and families who need Children's Colorado.  In appreciation.
      Jennifer Motz, Special Events Coordinator, Children's Hospital Colorado

Dear Charlie,
The balloons were outstanding!! We thank you for your time, expertise and great care in delivering just we wanted for Issac Bloom's Bar Mitzvah. Sincerely.
      Peggy Bloom, Mitzvah Mom

Agreed, The room looked really terrific !
      Shari L. Lutz,  Part of the Peggy Bloom Mitzvah Team

So sorry this payment is late! You have been so good to my family.
      Melissa Elston, Mitzvah Mom

Hi Charlie,
It has been a crazy prom/graduation week. Thanks - the balloon drop was a hit!
      Lisa Chaiken, Cherry Creek High School Prom Committee member

Charlie - You are absolutely fabulous ! Thanks again !!!!
      Annitra Swan, Parent

Thank you so much for was awesome.
      Beth Grossman

Dear Charlie,
On behalf of the members of the Hebrew Educational Alliance, and in particular the Fundraising Committee, we wish to take the opportunity to thank you for donating the balloon centerpieces.  They really made a positive contribution to the décor of the evening and were much appreciated.

On Saturday evening, over 200 members of the congregation attended this event and had a wonderful time. During the course of the evening you and your company were thanked for your generous donation. You will also be thanked in the upcoming issue of the congregation's newsletter.

We truly appreciate all that you do for the HEA and our members.  Thank you for your ongoing support.
      Neal S. Price and Arlene Stein, Hebrew Educational Alliance 

Hi Charlie,
I know I sent you a thank you text last week, but I want to reach out again and just let you know how much your kindness meant to Marylynn and to me. She said the balloons continued to fill their home with cheer and celebration and positive energy all week. I will never forget this amazingly kind show of are a gem! Warmly
      Cindy Kellogg, Denver Bronco Football Club

Thanks Charlie, you did a fantastic job with the balloons !
      Shari Goldstein, Mitzvah Mom

Thank you so much!
      Karyn Ross, Mitzvah Mom

Thank you Charlie for the balloons at our Kiddush lunch at the Hebrew Educational Alliance.  Thanks also for the jokes!
      Joanie Thompson, Mitzvah Mom

Dear Charlie,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other Linkedin users.

Charlie and his crew are excellent to work with.  Very easy going and his word is as good as the old school hand shake. His company is dependable and very competent.  I would recommend them to anyone.
      Wickel Donohue, Owner, Wickel's Balloons

Hi Charlie,
It was a pleasure working with you! I will definitely call on you again when given the chance to work in your beautiful city. You have a good business going and it is always a pleasure working with the pros.  GREAT JOB ! Keep in touch.
      Wickel Donohue, Owner, Wickel's Balloons

Thanks Charlie - It was GREAT!
      Lisa Shamon, Mitzvah Mom

Thank you !
      Chris O'Conner

Thanks Charlie,
You made me look great! You are a gem! Much Love, The Silverman Family.
      Trish Silverman, Mitzvah Mom

Thank you for helping us make our Awards Ceremony look so beautiful. The balloons were perfect and we are happy we had your expertise when deciding which balloons to get and how to place them. It really made a difference.  We will definitely keep you in mind for future events. Thank you.
      Tonya Eckhardt, Arapahoe / Douglas Works!

Thanks again for another stellar bunch of balloons ! 
      Elaine Forkes, Eventourage

Thank you for your beautiful decorations !
      Stacey,  Alomar Electric and Design

Hi Charlie,
Thank you for an amazing job with the centerpieces for Max's Bar Mitzvah.
      Ilana Spiegel, Mitzvah Mom

Hi Charlie,
Just want to let let you know how pleased we were with the balloons today! They really made everything looks so festive; you did a great job.  The party went very well; all the kids had a great time.

Anyway, thanks so much once again for your beautiful work & for helping me through a stressful time. Best regards.
      Diane Benavram, Mitzvah Mom

Dear Charlie,
On behalf of the members of the Hebrew Educational Alliance, and in particular the Fundraising Committee, we wish to take the opportunity to thank you for donating a $100 gift certificate. You will be pleased to know that Melissa and Jessie Elston purchased the gift certificate for $150 - great profit for our fundraiser! 

On Saturday evening, over 200 members of the congregation attended this event and had a wonderful time. Through out the evening, a slideshow was projected thanking our donors and showing pictures of congregational youth enjoying a variety of educational and social programs that are the beneficiaries of the fundraiser. A prominent slide was one featuring a selection of your balloon creations and a reproduction of your certificate.  In addition, your contribution was publically noted by Cantor Goldstein

We truly appreciate all that you do for the HEA and our members.  Thank you for your ongoing support.
      Neal S. Price and Arlene Stein, Hebrew Educational Alliance 

Charlie & all of Absolute Value Staff, 
I can't thank you enough for getting the balloons strung between our two businesses for Race Day on such late notice. This year we made the visual impact that Joanie and I envisioned over a year ago.  Let's chat again next year. 
      Karn Smith, Walter W. Martin, LLc
Thanks so much!
      Betty Mitchell, Mitzvah Mom

Thanks Charlie,
After the Race, I had a bittersweet moment. My husband and I were enjoying a drink at Brauns after the Race before we left the grounds. All of a sudden the Pink Ribbon floated into the air and we watched it until it disappeared. A perfect ending to the day......Thanks for all you do, my friend.
      Pat Reed, Race for the Cure

Thanks ! It just doesn't seem like that's enough.
      City Career Fair

Thank you. Everything was great.
      Nancy Weinstock, Mitzvah Mom

Thanks so much for a great job !
      Tori McElroy

Thanks Charlie for everything !
      Barbara Zurawski, Mitzvah Mom

Thank you!
      Debbie Fell, Woodglen Elementary

Thank you - We loved it !
      Lesa Schlei, Anthem College

You're the best at what you do and our events look awesome because of it! We greatly appreciate all the hard work. Sincere thanks.
      The Verizon Wireless Team

Thanks, The balloons were great !!
      Kelly Woodard, Denver Broncos Football Club

Hi Charlie,
The balloon arch was wonderful ! Thank you again.
      Nancy Near-Perse, Broomfield High School 

Hi Charlie,
The client was very happy with the decor.  You and your crew did a great
job as usual.  I am a happy camper as well.  I thought it all looked great. 
It was done on time and I know that when I hire you it is going to get
done right. Thanks a bunch.
      Wickel Donohue, Wickel Events

Thanks Charlie !
      Lisa Fallon, Cherry Creek Boys Basketball Team

The Pepper was above escatic with your work. The party was fun and the
teens were very will behaved.  It is always a delight working with you as
well.  Looking forward to our next event together, hopefully very soon.
I value you and our friendship. Hope all your jobs go well for you.
      Walli Richardson, Special Events Design and Calligraphy

Charlie,  I want to let you know that the room looked terrific Saturday
night and to thank you for doing a great job.  We heard many compliments
on how good the balloons looked and how they gave the room a festive
and colorful note.  They also were great that you could easily talk to
someone across the table - which we really appreciated.  I would certainly
recommend that people use your company.
      Bill Geller, Mitzvah dad

Charlie - The balloons looked fabulous in the black bags with the pink
mylar.  Thank you for the wonderful job!
      Susan Rubel, Mitzvah mom

Charlie,  The room looked wonderful.  Thanks for bringing the extra balloons.
      Dr. Quetta Augustus-Keenan

Dear Charlie,
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!   The balloons you did for Lauren's Bat
Mitzvah were wonderful!  They added that special touch and made our day
and night perfect !!!  Who doesn't love colorful balloons?  It was a pleasure
working with you - See you the next time I need balloons!  Thanks again.
      Kathy Dock, Mitzvah mom

Hi Charlie,
You did a wonderful job !!  Everybody loved it and we will be
using you again.  Thank you.....
      Tabitha Hernandez, Event Coordinator, The Enlighten Foundation

Charlie - Thanks for helping us with this event.  Happy Holidays!
      Shanti, Rave Reviews

Thanks so much, you did a great job!  We are looking at October 7,8,9 2011. 
Let's do the same thing next year.  Great job.
      Toni McElroy, Mary Kay Inc.

Charlie - Did I ever properly thank you for taking such good care of us
at Molly's Bat Mitzvah? Please forgive me - my mother passed two weeks
ago - right after the Bat Mitzvah - she hung on for Molly - her final gift 
to us....

The balloons were wonderful - colorful - happy - and we loved them. You
are a ray of sunshine and I know that God will bless you always.  You are
such a mensch - a fantastic wonderful person.

Thank you again from the bottom of all of our hearts.  Thank you for your
patience, your jokes and for being so good to us.  We will forever be 
grateful for your kindness.
      Terri, Jeff and Molly Auerbach,  Mitzvah family

Hi Charlie, Thank you again for the lovely balloons!  Thanks again! 
      Sheryl Feiler, Special Events Manager, Denver Jewish Day School 

Hi Charlie, Everything was wonderful.  The balloons were PERFECT.
Thank you so much.
      Monique Nobil, Mitzvah mom

Thanks!  You are lovely to work with!!!
      Marla Radetsky, Mitzvah mom

Charlie,  The balloons were a hit !!  They will be used several times this
summer.  Thanks, will be using you again.
      Kay Greenlee, Decor 'N More

Thank you, Charlie.
      Lori Weiner, Mitzvah mom

The balloon columns were great on Race Day!  I am glad we decided to 
do it this year - not sure if we'll still be on this corner next year?  We sure
do need a turn around in this economy. 
Thanks again for all of your work on this.
      Karri Smith, Co-owner Walter W. Martin, LLC 

Charlie, Thank you the balloon arch was perfect.
      Melissa Maldonado, South Metro Denver Realtor Association

Hi Charlie,
We missed each other by mere moments!  I saw your trucks pulling out
as I was pulling in.  Again a fabulous job and loved the pictures you sent.
Yes, maybe soon no one will need an event like this .... 
I will gladly give up my job!  Blessings to you
      Pat Reed, Race Manager, Komen Race for the Cure
    Note:  If we find a cure for breast cancer, there will be no need for a race.

Everything was great! Thank you so much.
      Sally Yankowitz, Grand mother Bat Mitzvah

Thanks Charlie!
      Judianne Atencio, ProLink Sports

Dear Charlie,
Thank you so much for the incredible balloons for Carley's Bat Mitzvah.
They were perfect!!!  I so enjoyed our phone conversations and truly look
forward to meeting you one day.  Sincerely
      Michele DeRosa, Mitzvah mom

Charlie, Thanks so much!!!
      Cari Friedman, Mitzvah mom

Hi Charlie!
We loved our balloon arch!  It looked fabulous at our kickoff event!!! 
Thank you so much.  I enjoyed talking to you on the phone the other day
and shared some of your jokes with my kids! 
      Sheryl Feiler, Special Events Manager, Denver Jewish Day School

Thanks for everything, they looked great!
      Liz Moden, Mitzvah mom

Thanks Charlie, Great Job!!!!!!
      Jennifer Aboaf, Mitzvah mom

Hi Charlie,
I was thinking of you and wanted to tell you how pleased Kit Leventhal
was with your balloon decor for Jake's Bar Mitzvah luncheon. Hope this
finds you well and busy as you want to be.   Hugs, Walli
      Walli Richardson, Special Events Design

Charlie - Thank you for providing us with the wonderful balloon arch
and decor.  We had so many awesome comments.  As always it's a
pleasure working with you.  I'll be in contact with you for future events!
      Lori Smith, Arapahoe/Douglas Workforce Center

Thanks Charlie,
Thanks for working with us, I can see why people always refer you because
of your punctuality and the great quality of your product. Thanks!
      Ryan Campanola, Denver Bronco Football Club (intern)

Charlie -
Thank you!  I know that it took some time to set all of this up - but as usual
YOU make the event.  We are still counting numbers - but the totals from that night are looking good so far. I am so glad that you took pictures of the tent
I did not get a chance and it was really something to see.  Thanks again
Charlie - LOVED the jokes!!!
      Bridget Zerr, The Gabby Krause Foundation

Dear Charlie,
On behalf of Celebrate Family.  Thank you for decorating the event with 
your wonderful balloons!  They added the right touch to draw in over 1800
people - we appreciate the great work.  Staywell
      Dana Eckoff

Dear Charlie and all,
Just a note to say thank you for the wonderful job you did at the Ameristar
Casino for the 40th Anniversary Gala for Red Rocks Community College. 
I so appreciated how organized and detailed oriented you were.
Take care and many thanks!
      Kim Porter, The Butler's Pantry, Fine Floral and Event Planning

Hey Charlie,
Many thanks for all your help at Mitzvah Mania. 
It was a huge success for us!
      Dave Williams, InSync Photography & Design

Dear Charlie,
On behalf of the Board of Directors and members of Congregation Hebrew
Educational Alliance, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for
providing the wonderful balloon decorations for last Saturday evening's
Purim celebration.  Your colorful balloons added so much to the decor.

We truly appreciate your ongoing willingness to provide balloons and 
balloon arrangements for the celebrations at the HEA.  Your generosity
is greatly appreciated.

We are always happy when our families use your services for their
celebrations.  We know that they will be assured of both quality and 
wonderful, colorful decorations.

Again, thank you for the balloons and especially your willingness to help.
      Laurie Morris and Neal Price, Hebrew Educational Alliance
Charlie - Great job on the balloons !
Aaron's bar mitzvah turned out great.  I appreciate your contributions
and thank you very much for all your work!  Sincerely
      Jennifer Aboaf, Mitzvah mom

Good morning Charlie:
Thank you so much for the balloons for our booth, they were perfect!
      Teresa Mendel, The Go To Gals

Charlie,  Thanks so much !!!
      Sue Aaronson, Mom

The balloons were perfect !!  We are already recommending you
to other people.  Thank you so much!
      Kim Tully

Thank you for making our business a party!
      Josh Pierce, Dance Trax Entertainment

Dear Charlie,
You are the best balloon man!  Your balloon bouquets were the perfect
compliment to our breakfast set-up.  I received several compliments on
how nice the gym looked.  You exceeded my expectations which doesn't
surprise me in the least.  Thanks for the gift of laughter and fun and for
sharing your positive outlook. You made my day. Best, Donna
      Donna K. Martin, Executive Assistant Herzl/RHMA at the Denver Campus

Thanks so much.  They looked great!
      Lisa Fallon, It's a Gift

The balloons were perfect!  What a party I could not have done it
without you. Thank you, Thank you....
      Courtney Walsh, Wings Over the Rockies

Charlie -
You do great work and it is a pleasure to do business with you.
Looking forward to seeing you soon.
      Tricia Smith, Marketing Director Southwest Airlines

Dear Charlie,
The balloons were amazing at my Bar Mitzvah!
Thank you so much!
      Jonah Landy, Mitzvah man (formerly mitzvah boy )  Mazel Tov Jonah !!!

Charlie - 
Thank you so much!  The event was a huge success and we LOVED your
balloon decorations!  Thanks a million times!
      Debbie Landy, Mitzvah mom

Hello Charlie,
Thank you so much for the balloons on Sunday.  The fashion show was a
success and the balloons were a hit.  All was excellent.
      P. K., Event producer

Thanks again Charlie !   It was perfect......
      Mindy Serota, Mitzvah mom

Thank you for everything.....It was beautiful !
      Stacey Mor, Mitzvah mom   

Dear Charlie,
Thank you for the balloons. John was so surprised. I will also thank you for your honesty and sense of humor.  We had a great time and your balloons made it memorable! Have a great week.
    Sheri Boynton

Dear Charlie, 
On behalf of the members of the Hebrew Educational Alliance, and in particular the Silent Auction/Casino Night committee, I wish to thank you so much for providing the decorations for last Saturday evening's event. The balloon centerpieces, entry decorations, and display balloons added so much to the festive atmosphere of the evening.

I truly appreciate your generous contribution, and thank you for sharing your talents and creativity with us......I hope that our close relationship will last for many years.
      Neal Price, Executive Director, Hebrew Educational Alliance          

Dear Charlie,
I would like to thank you for the fabulous balloons on St. Patrick's Day.  Your son and wife were very friendly and professional. Your services were most excellent and you are all full of jokes! Thank you, your newest fan !
      Keisha, Bellco Credit Union

I will let everyone know who to use for balloons. U did a fantastic for us. Great job!
      Beth Horwitz, CHAI lands Ranch/S Metro Jewish Community Ice Cream Social

Dear Charlie,
Thank you so much! The colors were perfect - and everything was just as I wanted. We have our Big Event in May and would like to talk with you about balloon decorations for that!  Thank you!
      Sally Hurley

Dear Charlie,
Thank you for the terrific balloon columns that tied so nicely to our other decorations for our fund raising event. The discount you provided helped us to stay within budget. Your support is appreciated.
      Susan Castillo, Community Ministries

Thank you for the balloons.  They were beautiful on such a rainy day, last Tuesday was !!! Thanks again.
      Julie Nich

Dear Charlie,
It was delightful to be able to talk with you again today. It is amazing how
quickly a year runs by!

I just had to take another look at your website - it is awesome - and I took the
time to read all the wonderful things your customers have to say.

Let me just add that your balloons at our Annual Party last year were beautiful!
Your suggestion on how to group them and stagger the heights was excellent
and working with you on this event was a total pleasure! As time got closer,
we were a bit frazzled but you were wonderful in being able to adjust to our
additional needs and deliver to the Marriott with such ease!  That is why we
knew you had to be our "Balloon Expert" again this year.

Again, Charlie, it is great to be working with you this year.
      Mary Mills, Chairperson, Educational Sales Management

Thank you again for the wonderful balloon columns.  We look forward to
working with you again next year. Sincerely
      Janet Holmes, Kent Denver Homecoming Chair

Hi Charlie,
Thank you so much for taking care of the balloons for me!  It certainly took
a load off my Team Captain duties on Race Day and the Big Blue balloon was
perfect for people to find us.

I have been telling everyone about your company!!  Enjoy this beautiful day.
      Grace Randazzo, CH2M Hill
   Note: This was part of the Komen Race for the Cure.

Charlie, for all the girls afflicted with Retts "Thank You ! Thank You !" for all your help.
      Carole Benjamin, Rett Syndrome, Founder and Race Chairperson.

Charlie Johnson, Thanks so much for being to our event so early.  A great balloon arch and really a great price too!  Thank you.
      Richard, Foundation for Fighting Blindness

We just want to thank you for making our event spectacular.  It was a pleasure meeting and getting to know you.
We hope that your son has a speedy and complete recovery.  Regards
      Jackie and Kevin Lampert, Mitzvah parents.

Dear Charlie,
Thank you so much for all of your help with Haley's Bat Mitzvah. 
The balloons were amazing!  We loved the colors.  The balloons helped make
the room look fantastic.  I  also want to thank you for taking the time with
me to talk about the details of my event. It means a lot to me.  You are a
special person who has the experience necessary to make great recommendations.  Thank you for all your help.  Sincerely,
      Michelle Kalin, Mitzvah mom

Hi Charlie,
Thanks! They looked great!  We were even able to get the baseball
sculpture into the house!
      Linda Kalat, Mitzvah mom
    Note:  The baseball sculpture can be seen under Sculptures Part 1

The decorations were just fabulous and the whole evening turned out
tremendously - and I am deeply grateful to you for your ideas, your follow
through and your efforts.  The table balloons, streamers and name cards
were even better than I could have imagined and the name balloons were
so good. We took them to the bruch on Sunday and now they're in our
house - Jessica liked them so much.  The flags hanging from the ceiling,
the flags on the tables - the room looked amazing and it really set the tone
for an evening that turned out wonderfully.

I don't know if we'll need your creativity till our next Bat Mitzvah in 3 years,
but will plan on talking to you then (if not sooner) for sure. Thank you again.
      Bill Geller, Mitzvah dad

I will let everyone know who to use for balloons. You did fantastic for us!
Great job, THANK YOU!!!
      Beth and Steven Horwitz, Mitzvah parents 

Charlie! The event went great and the balloons created exactly the effect
we hoped for - the only thing was in the excitement of it all we didn't get
any pictures.  Thanks again for your great work, response and quick
service.  Have a wonderful weekend!
      Beth Moyski, Young Presidents Organization

Hi Charlie, Thanks so much for your help with the black & white arch for
the 16th birthday party.  It was a great and looked great!  Thanks.....
      Rebecca Garrett, Catering Director, Cherry Hills Country Club

Charlie - It has been 2 weeks since our Dolphin Dash fun run at CHVE.
Thanks so very much for another beautiful balloon arch.  It makes for a
wonderful start and stop to the races for the Dad's Club.  

I keep hoping everything with your son smooths out more quickly then
it has. He is one of your blessings in life.  Be well.
      Donald Turken, Cherry Hills Village Elementary - Dolphin Dash

Charlie - Many thanks for the beautiful balloon arch for Good Sheperds
Graduation last Thursday.  It was awesome......
      Janice Hamilton, Good Sheperd
Charlie,  THANK YOU !!!!  The room was beautiful and the balloons made
the perfect addition to what ended up a great graduation party. 
I appreciate your efforts and care.
      Caren Muphie,  Mom

Thank you so much! I thoroughly enjoyed our chats and will contact
you for any future events.  Thanks again.
      Kirsten Heckendorf, Mitzvah mom

Charlie, You did a great job on the balloons for our dance club. It was
just what I wanted and hope to call upon your services again.  Sincerely,
      Kerry Penney, Hoolaulea Dance Club

Dear Charlie,
What can I say?!!!   You did a wonderful job on the B'nai Mitavah.
WOW - WEE!  It looked so great!!!  Thank you for making this event
so special for my family.  Sincerely,
      Judy Walden, Mitzvah mom

Charlie, Thanks again!  It was great to see you and the balloons were awesome !!
      Debbie Dardano, Stober Elementary
Charlie - Thanks for honoring your bid!  The balloons looked great and we will cetrainly recommend you and use you in the future!
      Rebecca Givens, Mother
    Note:  I made a mistake in addition when I gave this quote,
              rather then change the bid.  Charlie Johnson

What else can I say but Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  Not only do you make "decorating" fun but you make it so seamless.  I wanted to attach some pictures of the gate activities including our penguins on the red carpet.  Needless to say, the event was a huge success and is being picked up on stations all over the U.S.  Even the TV show, Inside Edition, requested footage.  If you want to see more pictures, let me know.  I love working with you and your team.  It's true, you give the Absolute Value!  Some of my station Employees wanted your name and contact, is it okay if I share your information with them?  Thank you and let's talk soon about May service, Sincerely,
      Tonya Gray,  Southwest Airlines - Denver/Phoenix Marketing

Thanks Charlie - The balloons were a wonderful addition!
      Marla England, Mitzvah grandparent

Everything Looked Great.  Thank You !
      Cheryl Berman, Mom, 18th Birthday Party

      Murray Englander, A Custom Look Photography

Dear Madam or Sir:  Thank you for the beautiful balloons you provided for our 100th Anniversary Gala on February 23, 2008 at the Grand Hyatt
      Meredith Anne W. Meyers, Denver Area Panhellenic

Dear Charlie, Although late, please accept this letter as a very big "Thank You" for the balloons on the "80th Celebration" of my birthday!!  Your generosity was so appreciated!  The next B-Day you will be present!  Thanks again, Charlie, and wish you all the best in this New Year!  Sincerely,
      Red Miller, Coach of the Broncos

Thanks!  The balloons looked wonderful.  Great Job - Let me know if you need a recommendation.
      Heidi Dudley, Mitzvah mom

Thank you.... Beautiful job!!!
      Lenore Wolpa, Mitzvah grandmother

Thanks Charlie, the bridal arch was beautiful.  We had such a wonderful time at the receptions and everything looked amazing!
It was a pleasure meeting you.
      Terri Hellmann, Mother of the Bride

Hello Charlie,
Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did with your awesome balloons for Elliot's party last Sat. night.  They looked great!  Everyone loved them.  You received numerous compliments and praises.  We were so pleased.

I am sorry we missed you on Friday when you delivered the balloons.

Everything was perfect! I look forward to meeting you one of these days.  I hope your son continues to improved everyday.
      Helene Lawful, Mitzvah mom

Hi Charlie, Thanks for doing such a great job on the Wachter Bat Mitzvah.  Enclosed are the photos from their party.  Hope they can help you with your next event.  Happy 4th!
      Julie Gart and Helene Cook, Event planners

Hi Charlie, The balloons were great!  The way you had "Kevin's" name in balloons made it look like he was a rock star!!  Did you send an invoice or do you want me pay from this email.
      Lori Bauer, Mitzvah mom

Charlie, The balloons looked fabulous!  Thanks so much for making
Daniel's party seem just like an undersea adventure.  The little guests even noticed the little Nemo and took him around for a "swim".
      Kathy Appel, Mitzvah mom

Thanks very much, the balloons added the finishing touch to the party.  I gave your card to the Cherry Hills Country Club catering staff for their use.  They requested it !
      Jerry Robinson

Charlie, Thank you so much for working with Regis High at such late notice.  It was an awesome site when all the boys ran through the arch - literally.  Thanks.
      Pam Brendel, Regis High School

Thanks Charlie !
      Lisa Chaiken, Mitzvah mom
Thanks !!!
      Lynn Key, Mitzvah mom

Thanks again Charlie !
      Caroline Taylor, Kent Denver
      Kathy Appel, Mitzvah mom

Thanks Charlie, best regards to you and your family,
      Linda Hamo, Mitzvah mom

Thanks Charlie! XOX
      Michelle Fournier, PSI Seminars

Thank you for your help and suggestions.  Thanks for being so trusting.
      Kathy Brown, Parent of the wedding couple
Thank you Charlie for the awesome decorations.  The room looked great!
      Karen Taylor, Black Diamond

Dear Charlie - Thanks again for your beautiful balloon arch.  Enclosed are the photos from the event in Denver.  Happy New Year!
      Sandy Buettner, Johnson Controls

Thanks for the great job!
      Larry Rochman, Mitzvah dad

Thank you Charlie - Balloons were terrific .
      Barbara Goldberg, Take Charge

Hi Charlie, The balloons looked great. Thank you!
      Lisa Soicher, Mitzvah mom

Great Job!  Thanks again!  See you next year...
      Nancy Edmonds, Costco

Charlie - Thank you.  Smiley Faces all-around.
      Rochele Rattiner

Thanks so much Charlie!  Loved the job you did! 
Hope you're on this side of the grass today.
      Hershel and Leslie Shapiro, Mitzvah parents

Thank you Charlie!  Great job again!  Take care.
      Pam Solomon, Denver Digital Film

Charlie - Thank you. The balloons were beautiful and perfect!
      Beth and Cantor Martin Goldstein, Mitzvah parents

Thanks for a wonderful job!
      Elise Fultonberg, Mitzvah mom
Charlie, Thanks for the beautiful decorations. They really contributed to the ambiance.  Here are a couple pictures from that night.  My sister is down 150 lbs and I lost 130 lbs.  Can you tell a difference??  Thanks again your wonderful!
      Jennifer Delgado, Event Consultant

Charlie, Thank you!  I hope your computer & files  are back in order.  I appreciate your help on the Molsom Coors project.  I hope you have a very
Merry Christmas!  I'll talk with you next year.  Thanks again.
      Tammy Sullivan, Molsom Coors, Event planner

Hi Charlie, Thanks so much for everything!  The balloons looked great and really made the room look festive.  Thanks for all of your help and guidance.
      Tracy & David Jaffee, Mitzvah parents

Charlie - thanks for doing our balloon arch.  It turned out beautiful! 
We'll be calling you again next year.
      Carole Benjamin, Rett Syndrome Research Strollathon
Thank you for providing a bit of color and fun with the balloons at the
wedding party.
      Gretchen Hove, Bride's mom
Thanks Charlie, the topiaries they looked great! 
The wedding reception was beautiful.
      Becca Montoya, Newlywed

Thanks for the great balloons - they looked great. 
It was a pleasure working with you again.
      Ellen & Stu Goldfarb, Mitzvah parents
Thank you so much for being the Absolute Easiest Person to work with!  The balloons were wonderful and really made the room festive & fun for our Bar Mitzvah Party.  I brag about you often & will always recommend you, as well as use you again.
      Rhonda Wildman, Mitzvah mom

Thanks for making the CCHS after prom project so wonderful.  You did a tremendous job and you have a great eye for design and color.  You are the best!
      Colleen Bredell, Cherry Creek High School

Thanks again Charlie! 
Talk to you again next year for Bri's birthday balloons.
      Annitra Swan, Parent

Our many thanks for the incredibly decorative balloons for our son Josh Kushner's Bar Mitzvah.
      Lea & Todd Kushner, Mitzvah parents

Thank you so much for being the Absolute Easiest Person to work with! 
Once again you helped make our party a success! 
Thank you, the balloons were wonderful!
      Rhonda Bower, North American Title Company

The balloons were spectacular!  You were a pleasure to work with.  
      Linda Kalat, Mitzvah mom

Thanks for a great year of service!
      Melissa Schneider, HBO

Thank you for making ACK Night huge for Team 35.
We appreciate everything you do.  
      Michelle Fournier, PSI Seminars

Thank you for all that you have done to make our wedding a beautiful day and full of lasting memories.
      Greg & Sherie Wiedman, Newlyweds

Thanks Charlie!  You're the best!!  Happy Holidays.
      Merril & David Aschkinasi,
Mitzvah parents

Thanks again for everything.  
We look forward to working with you again next year!
      Lunden MacDonald, Josh & Gus Race organizer 

Thanks for the balloons - they were great!
      Lisa Wolff

Thank you Charlie for a great service.
      Sherry Grinsteiner, Mitzvah mom

On behalf of myself and the survivor committee, I want to thank you for all your help with the balloons and the set-up.  It all looked great !!! 
      Sherin Sakr, Race for The Cure

Thank you so much for all your hard work and ideas for Samantha's Bat
Mitzvah.  Everyone loved the decor.  I enjoyed working with you and 
hope we can do something together in the future.
      Sue Aaronson, Mitzvah mom

Thanks Charlie, you did an awesome job !!!
      Fred, Linda and Morgan Weiss, Mitzvah

It was a pleasure doing business with you. 
It's not hard to understand why you are so successful.
      Cathy Collins

Thank you so much Charlie. 
The room was beautiful and the party a huge success!
      Marilyn Snyder, Mitzvah grandparent

Everyone enjoyed the balloons at our wedding Thursday night!
Thanks so much for the good job.
      Sandy Snyder, Newlywed

Dear Charlie, On behalf of the Silent Auction & Casino Night Committee of the Hebrew Educational Alliance.  I would like to thank you for providing balloon centerpieces and the two wonderful balloon sculptures for the entry way.  The evening was really exciting and fun, and your decorations added so much to the festivities.

As you know, I have recommended you to a number of families who hold parties at the synagogue.  I always tell people how much color and fun your creations add to a celebration.

Again, thanks so much for your generosity in making our event so successful.  Yours truly,
      Neal Price, Executive Director, Hebrew Educational Alliance

Charlie, Thank you very much!  The wedding was wonderful!
      B. Kelly, Newlywed

Charlie - Thank you so much for another birthday of smiles.  I hope she never grows old and tired of this.  I'm sure you made her day, in addition to that of 25 more children!  Sincerely,
      Annitra Swan, Mother

Dear Charlie,
On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to personally thank you for the great price you gave us on the magnificent balloon arch and the great price on the balloons for our 25th Anniversary Fun Fair on May 7, 2005.  We could not have had such a wonderful event without your help and we greatly appreciate it.

We were very pleased with the number of people who participated in this first ever event, especially since we were snowed out April 30th, our original date.  The comments we received were all positive and we know that people were enjoying themselves.

We look forward to another 25 years and hope that you will continue to partner with us in making Marantha Christian Center the very best it can be.  May the Lord bless you abundantly for your help!  Sincerely,
      Scott A. Truesdell, Co-Founder, Maranatha Christian Center

Your balloons made the show so festive! 
I hope we can work together again.
      Donna Sniegowski, Dillard's Southwest Plaza

The balloons were wonderful!  The way they were stretched out, so tall, I wish we had ordered them for every table.  They looked great.  Keep up the good work.  Thanks again.
      Jane Fast, Mitzvah mom

Thank you so much again for the wonderful job that you always do. 
I have received numerous compliments on the balloons and we are always so pleased with the work that you do for us.

I hope that we will continue to have the opportunity to use your designs for all the functions that we do.  They absolutely make the party the talk of the town.
      Nancy Edmonds, Costco 439

You do man!  Thanks oodles for everything.
      Lisa Meer, Mitzvah mom

WOW!  That's all I could say when I walked into Sinai's social hall the morning of May 22.  The balloons were wonderful and your judgment of color and height was perfect.  Best of all, it was easy and pleasant doing business with you.  Thank you for contributing so nicely to this special event.
      Debra Fendrich, Mitzvah mom
Thanks so much for the great service on the balloons.  They were beautiful and held up so well.  We'll be calling you next year!
      Nancy and Red Miller

Thank you so much for the beautiful balloons at our party.  They were just perfect and the room looked spectacular!  Thank you again - we will certainly be recommending your fine and professional services.
      Sue Parker

Charlie, We loved the balloons!  Thank you again for everything!
      Charlene, Mark and Kayla Frenkel, Mitzvah family

Charlie, Thank you for your extraordinary and unfailing support of our organization and its main fund raising event, the Denver Race for the Cure.  On behalf of our entire board of directors and the race committees, we proudly salute you and thank you for your support.
      Joan Luca, Race for the Cure Sponsor Chair

Thank you for all you do for Cherry Creek High School. 
It really meant a lot, you do a great job.
      Colleen Bredell, Parent

Thank you!  The balloons were great!
      Amy Toltz-Miller, Event planner

The Balloons were beautiful!
      Jack and Ruth Sobol, Mitzvah parents

Working with you has been an Absolute pleasure! 
      Patty Winter, PSI Seminars  

Thanks Charlie, The balloons for Inyie's Restaurant were great.
We all at a great time, everyone took home a bunch of balloons.
      A. Melody

Thanks so much!  The balloons were a big hit!
      Arlene Stein, Mitzvah mom
Thanks for your great service and being patient
with me.
your wonderful, just the best.
     Amy Cabiness

Thank you for making Samantha's 3rd birthday very special.
      Mark and Dottie Jo Duran, Parents

Thank you for your patience - and your wonderful balloon bouquets for our Anniversary Luncheon.  Thank you !
      Joe Adams, Cherry Creek Schools Foundation

My hat is off to the invisible guy!  When we go to the hotel at 4:00 to set up, the balloons were already there.  Although you are a voice on the telephone, you are also an incredible help and a delight to work with.  Thank you so much.
      Sara Kronfield, Mitzvah mom

Again, thank you so much!  It's a pleasure doing business with you.  
I tell everyone I know about your wonderful company. 
      Amy Weller

Thank you Charlie, you are always wonderful.  My best to Sandy.
      Lisa Fallon, Greenwood Elementary
The centerpieces were terrific!  Everyone had fun with the candy dispensers.  We appreciate all that you did to make our party a tremendous success.  If we need balloons and/or centerpieces in the future, we will not hesitate to call you.
      Sandra Bornstein

Once again, I so appreciate and am so grateful for your wonderful service.  Thank you so much.
      Christi Aldrich, PSI Seminars

Charlie, Thank you so much for helping me out with the balloons for our Easter Service.  Everyone loved them.  You did an awesome job!
      Susie Austin, Event planner

Thanks for a great job on the balloon bouquet we ordered!!  Our friend really enjoyed them.  It was nice to work with great values and ideas for their customers!
      Kelly Germer

Very much enjoyed the visit and your sincere heart.  Thanks for trusting people.  We need your inspiration daily.
      Jody Goff, Pink Tie Affair

Thank you!
      Michelle Bishop

Thank you again for the great job and especially the great attitude.
      Steve Newell, Mitzvah dad

Charlie, The balloons were great!  Thank you!
      Lisa and Howard Kaplan, Mitzvah parents

Thank you so much for the beautiful balloons and your wonderful service.  They were so festive!  We appreciate the support you give Rainbow Bridge.
      Jeanne M. Shannon, Rainbow Bridge

Charlie, Thank you - the night was wonderful!
      Beth Lebin, Mitzvah mom

Thank you so much for doing this at the last minute.
      Brigit James

As usual - thanks so much for the wonderful decorations. 
You did a splendid job!
      Nancy Edmonds, Costco - Aurora 439

Charlie - Thanks for a fabulous balloon release at the Denver Broncos December 7th game!  You always take care of us!
      Lynn Rosen, Denver Broncos

Thank you for the prompt delivery of my order!  They looked great!
      Bonnie Snyder

Charlie - thanks so much for all of your help with the balloons for the Echostar Launch.  They were great, as usual, and we appreciate your patience with all of the cancellations and delays.  It is a pleasure doing business with you!
      Stephanie Hibdon, HBO

Just are way of saying thanks for the great balloons!
      The Mitchell's

It was a pleasure working with you.  We loved the balloons.
      Ellen Goldfarb, Mitzvah mom

My daughter & her class were sooo thrilled!  Another wonderful birthday
with lots of thanks to you!  See ya in September for my wedding.
      Annitra Swan, Mom

Thanks Charlie - The balloons were perfect!  Exactly what I wanted.
      Etta West

Thank you so much for helping to make Weed's welcome home party a huge success.  The balloons looked awesome and were the perfect touch.  Your a good friend Charlie and I truly appreciate what you did to make Weed's homecoming incredibly special and very memorable!
      Lynn Rosen, Denver Broncos

Charlie - Thanks so much for making our event so beautiful!  All were very impressed!  I also appreciated your willingness to do the job on such short notice.  All the best,
      Sharon Pincus, Mitzvah mom

Thanks for a job well done.  It was great working with you.
      Marcy Connelly

The balloons were great again this year. 
Sorry I didn't get to meet you, will talk to you again next year! 
      Valerie Wunderlich, Southmoor Park East HOA

Thanks for providing the balloons for our most recent celebration.  As always, they looked great and added that special touch!  Thanks again!
      Claire Brown, Avaya

The balloons for our wedding reception at Windsor Gardens were awesome!  The dancing balloons were a hit with the kids ...  I was so impressed when I walked into the auditorium.  Your work is beautiful.  Thank you so much for your suggestions.  I will be calling for your services again.
      Marcia Taylor

You guys always do such a great job and are always on time. 
Thanks so much!
      Rob Sigmon

Thank you so much.  Everything looked terrific!
      Lisa Fallon, Event planner

The balloon bouquet for my wife's birthday was great.  I appreciate you doing it at the "last minute" for her party and the way you do business and your faith in man kind.  We will definitely tell others of your business.  Thank you for making the occasion special.
      Rich Ralston, Husband

It was nice to deal with a company that still trusts us customers!
      Jill Moening

Thanks so much for the great service every time I order! 
Sending good thoughts to you and your family.
      Miki Cavanaugh, Wife

Thank you, the balloon arrangement you sent to Elizabeth Grimm was beautiful!  It really made her birthday special!  My sincerest thanks.
      Kelly Preble

I wanted to thank you and your company for the beautiful balloon bouquets created for our state math convention (CCTM) in October. 
The room was transformed!  I received so many compliments for my "decorating expertise" that I felt quite guilty.  I shared your company name freely - so hope it comes back to you ten-fold!  Thanks again for your wonderful expertise, reliability and reasonable prices - it made our convention feel very special!
      Linda Hendrick, Colorado Teachers of Mathematics

Thank you for your part in helping make our mother's funeral a memorable occasion. 
      Wid Hoerner

Thank you for brightening our celebration with your balloons.
I look forward to working with you in the future
      Heather Nelson, Rocky Mountain News

Paul loved the balloons!
      E. LeGrand, Wife

Thanks Charlie Johnson!  The balloons were a hit!
      Sandy Heidenreich

Thank you again!  You were wonderful, as always the room looked great, as did the hallway.  We'll be in touch next year ....
      Lucy Garst, The Branch Rickey Award, Denver Rotary

Mr. Johnson, Words can not explain how grateful me and my family are to have found your company to provide balloons at my nephews funeral!  It is unfortunate but true, that in sad times like funerals, most companies try to take advantage of people who are grieving!

I was so surprised when you said on the phone that we could worry about the bill later and at the funeral, you said the same.

You are an Angel and dealing with you during this time was like a miracle and the experience restored my belief that even a stranger can be warm, caring and compassionate!  Thanks so much!
      Amy Weller

You're always an absolute highlight of the day.  Thank you!
      Lisa Lane Filholm, The Race for the Cure

The arch was beautiful and perfect again.  Thanks!
      Lisa May, The Race for the Cure

Thank you, Thank you Charlie.  What would we do without you!
      Jenny Lehman, The Race for the Cure

It was such a pleasure to meet you.  The grape sculptures and the snowflakes were great!  I look forward to working with you again in the future.
      Saundra Bushey, Southern Wine and Spirits

Thank you so much for your assistance in making the party memorable.  If I am ever in Denver again for an event, I will be sure & contact you!
      Areina Seay, Star Travel

Thanks so much for working with us on the Great Human Race. 
You did a great job!  You pay a lot of attention to detail and are very professional.  Plus being a nice guy.  We loved the balloon arch!
      Debbie Lunnen, Metro Volunteers

I just wanted to thank you for the balloon arch you provided for the Sullivan's Breakfast.  It really made our breakfast special and I so appreciate your willingness to help us.  Hopefully I can meet you. 
Take care.
      Julie Leuelling

Thank you for sending the balloon bouquet to my husband.  He just loved it, and it did cheer him up!  Also thanks for the encouraging words to me over the telephone.  It is always refreshing to talk to someone with such a positive attitude.
      Celeste Talbot, Wife

Thank you so much for the lovely balloons for our Saturday
and Sunday events.  They certainly added to the festivities.
      Kathy Harrison Givens, Colours - Television for all people

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making the Junior/Senior Prom at Ponderosa High School particularly special.  I can't even begin to tell you what a pleasure it's been to be able to work with such a friendly and professional guy.  Without your assistance, kindness, and patience, the "preparation process" could not have been smoother.  I couldn't have asked for an easier way to decorate for this outrageous event if I tried!  Thank you for going above and beyond all our expectations.  Your company can expect to hear from us again in the very near future!  We truly appreciate all of your extra time and support in making our Junior/Senior Prom a huge success!
      Elizabeth Gatschet, Ponderosa High School

I want to thank you for the amazing job you did with the balloons for Lindsey's Bat Mitzvah.  The big name was a huge hit and I got so many compliments on how nice the room looked.  I love the color the balloons added - it was truly a fun and festive atmosphere.
      Jamie Idelberg, Mitzvah mom

Thank you so much for taking care of Erica's birthday! 
It was delightful talking to you
      Cheryl Scott, Mom

Heard the balloons looked great!  I'll be sure to use you again.
      Nancy Marasco

I just wanted to personally thank you for operating such a wonderful business.  It is a pleasure to know that their are still a few "Honorable" businesses and people in this world.  Thanks again, I know my sister enjoyed her balloon bouquet.
      Steve Jewell, Brother

Thank you for doing such a great job on the balloon bouquet.  My boyfriend was thrilled.  I ordered the balloons on October 11 and they were delivered October 12.  I will definitely use you again and recommend you to others.
      Debbie Petty, Girlfriend

A belated thank you for helping us with the Qwest Christmas Promotion at Circuit City.  We appreciate your quick response, flexibility and professionalism.
      Rave Reviews and Qwest

Thanks so much!  I know your artistry will look spectacular and Mom and Dad will be pleased.  I appreciate your help.
      Joan Watson, Daughter

Thank you again, Don said he really liked it a lot!  Have a good day.
     Sandy Heidenreich

Thanks for the great conversation and balloons!
      Hilary Lancaster

Thank you so much!  Tracie loved the balloons!
      Jimmie Brama

I just want to thank you again for all your help and hard work!  I always felt at ease knowing you'd be taking care of the balloons for the theme parties at Black Hawk.  Your ideas were always creative and well thought-out from the centerpieces and sculptures to the doorway entrance.  It was great knowing there was someone I could really count on to get the job done right!
      Kelly Rounds, Four Star Entertainment, Inc

Thank you very much for supporting the second annual "Bear Affair" for the Sewall Child Development Center.  Your individual contribution was greatly appreciated by both the staff and Board of Directors of Sewall in their mission to help children.  The event was a huge success!
      Lisa Alexander, Sewall Child Development Center

Thanks again. This will be a lifesaver!
      K. Kelly

Thanks for everything Charlie!  Nice talking to you.  George loved it!
      Jeanni Gardner
I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with you company.  The balloons were great!  You've definitely got my business in the future.
      Kristin Dell'orso

We justed wanted to Thank You once again for the great job you did for us with the balloons.  They were wonderful and thanks again for taking the time to attach the balloons to the mylar weights.  It was a pleasure working with you.
      Donna Coates, Cherry Creek School District

On behalf of the "Friends of Columbine" Auction, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your generosity in providing the balloons for our auction on May 15th.  All night long people commented on how beautiful the ballroom was and how professional the event was presented.
      Katie Barton, Friends of Columbine Auction

The balloons you furnished for the banquet last week were a large part in making it the success it was.  They were so festive - they really brightened the rooms!  Thanks so much!
      Linda Holloway, Rainbow Bridge

Thank you so much!
      Kathy Swindler

Thanks so much for the balloons for Debbie. 
She really loved them and they looked great!!
      Steve Walker, Husband

The balloons were great.  Thank you very much.
      Flo Downs

Thank you for helping me surprise Terry on his birthday.
      Vicky Goodner, Wife

The double heart sculpture was beautiful.  Thank you.
      Bev Baker, Newlywed

Thank you!  It was perfect!  You made me look good. 
It was nice meeting both of you.
      Lisa  Fallon, Event planner

I'm sure the balloons that you sent for us were very special.  Your attentiveness during a difficult time was greatly appreciated.  You definitely have a personal touch when it comes to customer service.  May the Lord bless and keep you.
      Mike, Cindy, Marcus and Andrea Lance

Thanks - I appreciate your great service.
      Bev Miller

Thanks again for a super job!
      Teri Tidwell, Tempest, Isenhart, Chaffee, Lansdowne & Assoc.

It is great to do business with you!  Thanks again for the great service.
      Tami Shannon, Mom

I want to thank you for the great balloons.  
The party was a great hit as well.  We are very happy.
      Leslie Liedtke

The bouquet was really beautiful, even nicer than I expected!
      Roger Adams, Husband

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the very wonderful balloon arches that you created and put up for our Open House.  The balloon arches were perfect for the event.  I appreciate all your help in making our entrance beautiful and inviting for our customers.  We will definitely consider using your services again and I would highly recommend your services to anyone who is in need.
      Raphael Cordova, Imprint Wholesale Inc

Thanks again for the fabulous job you did for Steve's party!
      Vicki Pilkington, Wife

Thank you for the great bouquet of balloons!  My dad loved them!
      Kristin Dell'orso, Daughter

I appreciate your willingness to deliver on such short notice!
      Beverly Johnson

Thank you so much for the excellent service. 
The children were delighted!   
      Jamie Idelberg, Samuels Elementary

Just a short note to let you know how refreshing it was to do business with you today.  Roland received the balloons and said they were wonderful.  Everyone in his office thought it was a great concept.  Thank you for helping me brighten his day.  My mother has always taught me "the heart sees what the eyes can't".  My heart tells me, you have a huge heart for people.  Thank you, I am looking forward to doing business with you again.
      Phyllis Blea, Wife
Thank you for the awesome arrangements you've been doing for me.  There is no way our "old" place we'd been using can compete.  Everyone has been so impressed and love your work.  Have a great day and thanks so much.
      Shell Allen, Fiserv

Thank you for everything and for such a good job you all do all the time!
      Sandy Meier

Thank you very much for your trust. 
It is so nice to know there are still nice people out there!
      LeeAnn Madrid

Thank you for your trust.
      Carla Cortez, Security Life Reinsurance

Thank you so much for delivering the balloons to our Platte River Fandango last Sunday night.  They added lot of color and helped people find our event!  We'll be in touch again soon, I am sure.
      Kate Gleason, University of Colorado

May God always give you health, happiness and all the trust you give to others.  Thank you.
      Julie Welker

Thanks much, I really appreciated everything you did for my party!
      Ruth Shepard, Krafts & Bridal Haven, Inc

Thank you so much for your wonderful service.  My mother loved her beautiful bouquet of balloons and much more.  I will recommend your company to my friends, family and co-workers.  Your great!
      Rebecca Sampson, Daughter

Thank you again and have a wonderful Valentines Day!  Keep smiling....
      Sandy Heidenreich

Balloon Man, Thanks so much for delivering the balloons I ordered on the same day - they were a big hit with little Jake!
      Patti Carpenter

Thank you for your great service and for still trusting people!
      Joanne Castro, Lucent Technologies

Thank you for your excellent service! 
You made my wife's birthday!  Thanks again.
      William Stieb, Husband

Thank you for such a wonderful service.  I will tell all my friends and family of your business.  Again my sincerest thanks.
      Kimberly Dunn

I want to extend my personal appreciation for a job well done.  The balloon decorations added so much to the 20th anniversary celebration and everyone really enjoyed the atmosphere.  Thank you for all your work and I hope our paths cross in the future - until sunshine and laughter.
      Mele Telitz, Hospice of Metro Denver

I was very pleased with the bouquet that was delivered.  Thank you.
      Debbie Morray

Thank you so much for everything you did to make our son's Bar Mitzvah a great success.  Your friendly, professional service was a delight.  Be rest assured that we will be calling upon you for all of our future needs for parties.  The room was perfect and we have you to thank for being a wonderful part of the decorations.  Again, we can't thank you enough for all that you did.
      Peter Fixler, Mitzvah dad

Thank you very much. They were greatly enjoyed.
      Claudia Frisbie

I really appreciate the balloons you did for me, my Father-in law really enjoyed them.  If you would send me some of your business cards, I will be sure to pass them around.  Working in the real estate business I come across a lot of people, I will also keep you in mind for the future, you did a fantastic job!!
      Rene' Carson

Thanks for helping to make our party a "pretty " success!  As always everything looked great and was there ahead of time.  It's always a pleasure!
      Janice Rosen, Progressive Insurance

My step-mother enjoyed her cheer up balloon arrangement.  Thank you.
      Shawna Christenson

Thank you so very much for your help on this surprise for William! 
I appreciate it!
      Gianna Perry, Wife

I want to say "my mother really enjoyed her arrangement".  The balloons were really bright and beautiful.  Thank you for delivering them so fast.
      S. Christenson, Western Gas Resources

Thanks for doing such a great job on the balloons - they really added a lot to the atmosphere for the event.
      Lucy Wirth, University of Colorado

Thanks so much, the balloons were beautiful.
      Gloria Friedrich

Thanks for adding so much to the survivor ceremony!
      Lisa and Jenny, Race for the Cure

I just wanted to thank you for your service today.  You were there for me even on such short notice and the bouquet was perfect.  It was just what I was wanting and looking for.  I will send my friends and family your way in the future.  Thanks again for everything.
      Amy Cabiness

Dear Charlie,
Thanks for your good service! For your good price!! My son love the balloons.
      Linda Ferguson, Mom in Frankfurt Germany

Dear Charlie and Sandy,
Thank you for stepping in at the last minute and saving us from a balloon disaster!  Your balloons were beautiful!  You and your crew were very helpful and we greatly appreciated it.  Looking forward to working with you again. 

Thanks again and we wish you Happy Holidays and Good Luck in the New Year!  Sincerely,
      Mike McGraw, President, Entertainment LTD Event Planners
Thank you so much for the beautiful balloons for the spring formal.  We appreciate your professionalism and look forward to working with you again in the future.
      Cathy Murphy, Alpha Phi

Thank you again for great job, well done!
      Sandy Heidenreich

It was such a delight for the children to get those beautiful balloons you delivered.  Thank you for the excellent service.  You will surely have my business for years to come!
      Tamarah Nguyen, Mom