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The NFL Kickoff Game (first game) for the 2013 season was held at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.  As you know now, our Denver Broncos crushed the Baltimore Ravens 49 to 27.  Peyton Manning tied an NFL record with 7 touchdown passes.  Great plays by the offensive, defensive and special teams sealed this victory.

Balloons by Absolute Value has been selected and the privilege of doing the balloon releases for every opening game since 2002.  We take great pride of being one of only four (4) balloon companies in the United States to release balloons at an NFL game.

There is a feeling I can't truly explain of being on the field with 10,000 orange balloons.  Excitement, joy, happiness, euphoria, goose bumps, nervous, and anticipation to name just a few.

Then that moment comes, our cue to release the balloons, 76,000 plus fans yelling and cheering as the balloons go to the heavens.  When we are really lucky the winds in the stadium swirl the balloons from North to South and East to West. It is truly an amazing sight to be seen in person.  So awesome.

The expert crew at Balloons by Absolute Value hand ties each of the 10,000 balloons, no plastic or metal clips are ever used.  All the balloons that we use are totally bio-degradable, they will rise to about 5,000 feet and then freeze and break into little chards, the size of a broken window or windshield. They bio-degrade in the same time an oak leaf does. 

We want to thank the Denver Broncos for letting us be a part of this event each year. We also want to thank you, the fans, for cheering, stomping and yelling  when the balloons are released each year.   GO BRONCOS, GO

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