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      Welcome to Balloons by Absolute Value
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WOW!   That is the response we want your guests to have as they walk into
your event. Your centerpieces not only will decorate the table, but will visually fill the room with color and excitement.  Changing a room from drab to absolutely fab! 

Whether you are planning to decorate for a birthday, mitzvah, wedding or a corporate event, balloon centerpieces can be affordable and yet be impressive at the very same time. 

Your centerpieces can be as simple or as elegant as you would like them to be.  Let our professional design team help you create just the right centerpiece that will add color, whimsy, fun, and delight to your tables. 

Balloons come in a variety of shapes and sizes - and almost every color imaginable. Attach them to your bases, or ones we customize just for you, and your theme party is ready for guests.

When the party is over, you'll know that it was a big hit, your guests will be taking home the balloon centerpieces and remembering the fun they had at your event. 

Email or better yet, call us today and let our professional design team begin to customize your centerpiece to fit the theme or decor of your event.

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