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This is a first for me, to share and post another person's work on my web site other then mine.  No, I am not breaking any copyright laws I have her full approval of sharing her quality work.  The reason I am doing this is she makes magic with the balloons I provide her, she is gifted.

Her name is Ricki Booker, she is five foot nothing with a big smile and a great attitude, she also is my friend. I have met many talented event planners in my 28 years of doing business, but there is something special about Ricki. 

Ricki has lots of qualities that I have and I value. She is dedicated, has a vision, not afraid to tell a client she is wrong.  Ricki is whimsical and fun, but knows how to create an elegant event with a lot of class and style at the same time.  That is not easy as it might seem. 

She works with all sorts of people in behalf of her client: the venue, caterers, bakers, dee jay's florists, graphic people and of course me, the balloon guy. A good planner has to adjust on the fly and make things work, Ricki does this all the time and makes it look so easy .... this is truly a talent. 

I have selected some pictures of her work and hope you enjoy them. So if you are in the Denver / Boulder area and in need of a great event planner look her up on her Facebook page, it's Ricki Booker or you can call me.  I will gladly give you her number and you can talk about your upcoming event with her.

She is truly special !!!

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