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Share the Love !  Make this Valentine's day a memorable day for that special someone in your life.  Share the love by sending them a balloon bouquet.  Be unique, be different this year.  A balloon bouquet is romantic, whimsical, affordable and easy to do.  Don't be frustrated, let Balloons by Absolute Value create that special moment and memory your loved ones will treasure. 

It is so easy, you will say "Why haven't I done this before"   

Balloons by Absolute Value delivery area is:  Boulder on the North,  Lincoln Avenue on the South, Golden on the West and Aurora on the East.  Sorry, we don't deliver to Castle Rock, Ft. Collins or Parker.

Usually the hardest part of sending a balloon bouquet is thinking about what to say on the card. Below we have listed some helpful hints.  Select one of them, make up one of your own, or a combination of both.

01.  Everyone needs a friend like you.  14.  Your the smile at the end of my day. 
02.  Hope your day is perfect - just like you 15.  Know what's nice about you?  Everything !
03.  No one but you, Nothing but love.   16.  You fill my heart with everything wonderful.  
04.  You make me so Happy !!!  17.  Wishing you sunshine and smiles.  
05.  Our friendship will always be special.           18.  You've made a difference in my life !
06.  I'd be lost without you. 19.  Lucky me - having you to love !
07.  I am glad there's you !   20.  I'd be lost without you. 
08.  Friend like you are all too few.  21.  May you be blessed with a beautiful day.  
09.  Loving you just cames naturally.   22.  May today, be a gift you'll always treasure.
10.  You still make my knees weak.    23.  I never get tired of saying  " I Love You "
11.  You are amazing !   24.  You'll always have a special place in my heart.
12.  With warmest thoughts and wishes.  25.  Your friendship means the world to me.
13.  You mean so much to me. 26.  There's just one word for you - terrific !  

After you make your selection from the bouquets listed below.  The next thing is to place the order.  It is so simple.  You will need to have this information:

1. Your name, phone number and email address.
2. Your valentines name, phone number, address to be delivered to, date of
    delivery, time this location opens, message and of course the balloon bouquet
3. Next you can either email the order or call the order in.
      Email address:
CJABSOLUTEVALUE@AOL.COM   or phone ( 303 ) 427-9484.
4. How do I pay you ask?  Just put a check in the mail.  It's that simple

       Puppy Love ( Val-65 )

       Show your valentine that you can't live without
       them with this 43 inch cute dog shaped mylar
       balloon.  Doggone it !

       Also included are 3 latex balloons attached to 
       twelve ounces of chocolate Hershey Kisses 
       nestled in mylar shred all in a round container.

       Price including delivery and sales tax is  $39.95

    I Love You Bear   ( Val-90 )

    Fun and flirtatious, the 3 foot "I Love You" mylar will
    demand attention with it's size alone.  Eye-catching 
    for sure, your valentine will be the center of attention
    at their work place. 

    Along with the 3 foot "I Love You" mylar are four latex
    valentine balloons all attached to a plush animal.

    Price including delivery and sales tax is  $49.95
                  ( Plush animals may vary )

        Love Ya This Much   ( Val-135 )

        Our cute 40 inch mylar Mouse with 3 latex 
        Hugs and Kisses balloons attached to a heart
        shaped box of Russell Stover chocolates will
        show your special valentine just how much
        you love them !

        XOXO  XOXO  XOXO Code for hugs and kisses.
               ( X means kisses       O means hugs )

        Price including delivery and sales tax is  $39.95


    Up, Up and Away ( Val-150 )

    A 3 foot printed latex balloon in a hot air net atop a basket
    filled with a cuddly plush animal.  Plush pink kittens serve
    as the ballast for our dare devil plush animal. 

    The overall height of this sure to please bouquet is 5 feet
    tall.  Your valentine will be the envy of the office.

    Price including delivery and sales tax is  $49.95

    Basket and plush animal may vary.  

        Smooches and Kisses  ( Val-175 ) 
        Twelve ounces of chocolate Hershey Kisses nestled
        in mylar shred all in a round container attached to
        4 Hershey Kiss shaped mylar balloons.  

        Your valentine will surely embrace this bouquet !

        Price including delivery and sales tax is  $39.95

     Sending All My Love  ( Val-200 )

     Nothing says classic romance then this pretty
     bouquet.  Four mylar heart shaped balloons topped
     with a 30 inch mylar telling your valentine you
     are sending all your love.  What more could they
     ask for?  Our basket includes potpourri, a plush
     animal and of course Russell Stover chocolates.

     Price including delivery and sales tax is  $59.95

     A large selection of plush animals are available.

        The Sports Fan  ( Val-220 )

        Perfect for the hard to get sports fan in your life!
        All four of Denver's Major League sports teams 
        mylar balloons are attached to a container filled
        with salted in the shell peanuts, crackers jacks
        and of course Russell Stover chocolates.

        This will surely score a goal, a touch down, or a
        home run with your sports fan.
        Price including delivery and sales tax is  $49.95

    Hot Stuff  ( Val-245 )

    Your valentine will really know that you think of 
    them as super "Hot Stuff" with this bouquet.
    One chili pepper shaped mylar and four latex balloons
    all with the description "Hot Stuff" on them attached to a 
    red hot devil plush.  

    This is so cool, it's really hot !!! 

    Price including delivery and sales tax is  $49.95

       Sealed with a Kiss   ( Val-265 )

       There is nothing like a kiss to show your
       valentine your love.  This fun and flirtatious
       bouquet contains two ruby red lips and three
       red mylar hearts  Attached naturally to 
       twelve ounces of chocolate Hershey Kisses 
       nestled in mylar shred all in a round container.

       Price including delivery and sales tax is  $49.95

    Stuck on You !  ( Val-290 )

    If you're "stuck" on your sweetheart, then let them
    know with this cute "I am Stuck on You"  bouquet.

    This arrangement starts off with a 3 foot porcupine
    valentine mylar balloon with the words "Stuck on You". 
    Underneath the porcupine are 4 latex balloons all  
    attached to our photo box containing a small plush  
    animal and candy.

    Show your affection to your sweetheart with this
    playful bouquet that's sure to have them stuck on
    you,too !!!

    Price including delivery and sales tax is  $39.95

       You Turn Me On !!!     ( Val-335 )

       Can't explain how your valentine flips your switch?
       Let them know that they do with this bouquet.

       A 40 inch light bulb shaped mylar balloon with
       three latex balloons attached to our round 
       container with candles and potpourri nestled nicely
       in mylar shred.  This bouquet is the ideal bouquet 
       for true lovers !   Sure to light up their day !

       Price including delivery and sales tax is  $49.95